International Postage


As of 02/03/22 we are changing the way we go about international shipping.

International customers will have to request postage when they would like their cards shipped. We WILL NOT ship your cards by default. In addition to this we will no longer automatically charge additional shipping costs at checkout. Instead, once you have requested your postage, we will give you a quote for how much shipping will cost and then you will have to pay that via the £1 payments section on the website before we send your cards off. 

Furthermore, when filling out the customs declaration forms, in order to best protect both us and our customers, we will put the value of the package as what we estimate the value of the cards inside to be. We WILL NOT be sending packages as gifts or with a lower value. As always we are open to discussing what the value of the package should be with our customers. 

For international orders we use the Royal Mail International Tracked postage service, but again if a customer would like us to use a different service we are open to discussing that with them. 



For any international buyers (outside UK), please make sure to include your Order Number(s) in the message description. If it is easier, you can always message us on our Instagram (@tradewiicards) or Twitter (@tradewiicards_), and we will get back to you as soon as possible to arrange the cost of shipping.