Here to answer those common questions we face to save ourselves and of course you the Jimmy Floyd Hasslebaink! 


What happens if I get no cards in the break?

Here at TradeWii, we don't like people going home empty handed. But unfortunately that is the risk involved with some breaks you enter, so if in the rare occurrence you do not get any cards, we sincerely apologise and hope it doesn't put you off any future breaks with us.


What happens if I get import charges upon delivery?

You as the buyer will be responsible for the payment of any outstanding import charges that may incur upon delivery. For any international buyers, please see our 'International Shipping' page for more information regarding our shipping policy to areas outside the United Kingdom.


Where do you do your live breaks?

On our YouTube channel- link at the bottom of the page! (Psst- don't forget to subscribe)


How do I know when the next break is?

Follow us on Instagram for frequent updates as to when we will be LIVE on YouTube! Link to our Instagram is also at the bottom of the page (@tradewiicards).